[thim-heading heading_primary=”Celebrations and events in Bardejov” heading_secondary=”WEDDING, CELEBRATION, SESSION” alignment=”left” description=”Take advantage of our many years of experience in organizing various social events, weddings and family and corporate celebrations. There is also a terrace or night bar with its own atmosphere (Bardejov Night Club) according to the agreement and customer needs. Cozy restaurant / night bar and terrace with a beautiful bar and carefully stocked wine shop However, the unique domain and pride is the city and county view. The seating is also possible on the inside terrace of our hotel. Therefore, the hotel BELLEVUE *** in Bardejov offers a really nice seating for a smaller or larger company. We will be happy to provide accommodation and bedding in every season.

Sitting in a cozy setting offers a restaurant with a daily bar, an intimate night bar and a summer terrace. The offer is left from international cuisine combined with local specialties. We also offer a large selection of domestic and foreign wines from our wine shop. Not only in the summer we are glad to cook grilled dishes with a capacity of 40-50 people, which are covered and during the cooler days also heated.” button_text_link=”” button_text=”More info here”]

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[thim-heading heading_primary=”An unforgettable day in life” heading_secondary=”WEDDING IN BARDEJOV” alignment=”left” description=”If you are looking for a romantic place for a wedding party and wedding party, do not hesitate. We have rich experiences with organizing weddings and wedding celebrations. Hotel Bellevue with Restaurant in Bardejov is close to the historical center of Bardejov, the way from the wedding in the center to us takes less than 5-10 minutes of comfortable trip. On request we will prepare a wedding menu and wedding ceremony. During the wedding, you can make use of all hotel services and benefits. We will also be happy to help you with the transport between the hotel and the center of Bardejov. At wedding fun and feasting, you will feel better at home than at home.”]
[thim-heading heading_primary=”Celebrations and events for corporate clients” heading_secondary=”CORPORATE CELEBRATIONS” alignment=”right” description=”You are looking for a place to organize a celebration for your business, a meeting of corporate investors or your employees. We will be glad if you choose our hotel Bellevue in Bardejov. The hotel is situated in a quiet part of the city, in the town of Bardejov. You can sit, drink, take in the hotels and, of course, use the accommodation in our stylish suites and rooms. The hotel with a restaurant (Bardejov and surroundings) is also suitable for larger groups, a cozy place and a cordial service is here for everyone.”]
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